Cut the Cord: How Wireless Data Syncing Can Save Time and Money

When it comes to complex data management, many companies stick by outdated systems because they appear to be working. Employees have adapted over the years, troubleshooting and adding new manual processes to supplement their existing system to make it work.

What most businesses don’t realize is how much more accurate, efficient, and secure their data management system could be. Check out our top five reasons to cut the cord and explore how wireless data syncing can benefit your data collection and compliance survey management.

1. Make Your Workflow More Efficient

When it comes to field data collection and compliance survey management, efficiency is key. One of the major benefits of wireless data syncing is that it can optimize your day-to-day tasks and make your workflow more efficient.

It also allows data to be shared without being lost in emails, documents, or even traditional pen and paper files. This can minimize time saving and sending documents, waiting for files to upload, and searching for lost or misnamed files.

2. Improve Your Data Quality

Poor data quality can have a big impact on your bottom line. Frequent causes for poor data quality include:

  • Large-scale manual entry
  • Misalignment errors leading workers to the wrong location
  • A misjudgment of the data to be collected
  • Incorrect data conversions
  • Software, data model, and integration limitations

Digitizing your data with a solution that employs wireless data syncing can identify and prevent these issues, helping you record more complete, accurate, and consistent data. And better data quality can save your company time and money when it comes to field data collection and compliance survey management.

3. Access Your Data Anywhere

In the past decade, wireless data syncing has grown exponentially in popularity because it allows users to access data anytime, anywhere. Work between devices with no lag or wait time.

And, wireless data syncing solutions like our PCS Compliance Software and Survey Manager work smoothly even in remote areas with low bandwidth and outdated devices. Get the convenience and connection you need on-site to get the job done.

4. Be Confident Your Data is Secure

When it comes to government-regulated industries like oil and gas, digital data security is of the utmost importance. Certain standards must be met when handling data on pipelines, facilities, and oil and gas assets.

It’s easy to become overconfident in the security of your system just because you haven’t had a data breach yet. But if you’re working with an outdated data management system, chances are you’re at risk for a digital attack.

With wireless data syncing, all data is transferred over HTTPS, a secure extension of the traditional HTTP protocol. And, your data is stored securely in the cloud, making your company more resistant to both traditional and digital data breaches

5. Collaborate Easily

With wireless data syncing, you can collaborate on data collection and sharing at the touch of a button. This means all employees have access to the same data simultaneously when it comes to analyzing, evaluating, and reporting on findings. And, instant access means less time waiting on data and a more productive workday overall.

American Innovations & Wireless Data Syncing

AI offers affordable software options for pipeline data collection and visualization. See how PCS Compliance and PCS Survey Manager together with PCS Field Integration can save your business time and money with wireless data syncing.

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