Use Survey Manager to see your survey data on a map and reduce field data verification time with this powerful, web-based software tool. Survey Manager lets you:

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Rugged, reliable Bullhorn remote monitors ensure that you get critical data on oil and gas assets, even in remote, difficult to inspect areas. Access Bullhorn data and create reports anytime, anywhere using cloud-based Bullhorn Web.

  • Built to withstand harsh environmental elements, including extreme temperatures and surge events.
  • Some models feature patented influence and interference technology and GPS-synchronized interruption are available at time of purchase or as a field upgrade.
  • Field measurements can be imported into PCS™ Compliance software and integrated into reports.

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Press Release: Ed Kruft Becomes CEO of American Innovations, Replaces Retiring CEO Rich Smalling

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Read our article Pipelines VS. Powerlines, published in the May issue of World Pipelines, to learn about how operators are using technology to measure and monitor the effects of AC current on pipelines.

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