PCS Hosted Services

Cloud Based Hosting for PCS Pipeline Compliance Software

Reduce IT Costs. Anytime. Anywhere. In the Cloud.

PCS Compliance: Hosted Services

Purpose Built Compliance Solution
Seamless Field Data Integration
Compliance Scheduling
Enterprise System Integration
Modular And Scalable
Compliance And Exception Reporting
Customizable (UDFs, Layouts, Reports, Etc.)
Data Validation
Asset Organization
PCS Application Support And Help Documentation
Dedicated IT And Platform Support
Automatic Updates With Each PCS Release
Access PCS Securely From Any PC At Any Time
Export To Table Bridge
Export To Flat File Format (CSV, XLS, etc.)
Dedicated SQL Server Instance
PCS Test Server

PCS Hosted Services FAQs

What is PCS hosted? American Innovations provides a Microsoft Azure-based and SSAE18 SOC2 Compliant cloud environment in which we manage Clients’ PCS application and database. Clients can rely on AI to host, manage, and secure their PCS solutions, therefore, eliminating the need for infrastructure CAPEX and the burden on their internal IT teams to manage the on-prem PCS deployments.

What about my existing PCS licenses? The great thing about the PCS Hosted service is that Clients can continue to enjoy the licensing structure they have today. As this service is offered as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which allows existing PCS license holders the benefit of an expanding ecosystem of integrated products and services. If a client does not currently have a PCS license, then AI does provide an option to include a PCS subscription license along with their Hosted service.

How are database backups managed? AI provides backup and restore data capabilities for its Hosted services clients which enable easy recovery from bad data uploads or modifications. Our standard backup frequency is for Weekly Full and Daily Incremental.
How do I take advantage of new PCS Axis versions? This is one of the key benefits of utilizing AI’s PCS hosted service. AI offloads the burden of time-consuming upgrade tasks such as installing new versions on each end-user’s individual computer.
AI fully tests new PCS versions within our hosted environment prior to release. Rollout to our hosted clients typically occurs within 60 days of a new version release. Notification of upgrades are sent out to all clients prior to rollout. Additionally, the hosted environment (think sub-services like the Azure platform itself) is updated monthly during the first week of the month. Notification regarding these environment updates is provided seven days in advance.

What if my users have a Support issue? The PCS Hosted environment is continually monitored for any issues related to the Azure platform and associated services for connectivity. This early-response system enables the AI team to stay ahead of most issues related to accessibility. AI commits to a standard 99% uptime for the environment on an annualized basis. If clients do experience issues, whether connectivity or application/data related, then our standard Support team is your first contact. This way a ticket is logged, and the Support team goes to work resolving the issue.