Collaborate on survey data and get better insights, faster.

Now powering Survey Manager to visualize your survey data and significantly reduce field data verification time.


What is Concentric?

The Concentric Data Analysis Platform is an line of products that lets you collaborate on survey data and get better insights, faster.

Our first Concentric product, Survey Manager, enables data collaboration for periodic and annual surveys.

You'll be able see your survey data on a map in context and produce your reports in half the time with this web-based software.

Survey Manager is in constant development, so you'll benefit from new features added every quarter. 

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View Survey Data in Context, In Seconds with Survey Manager

Imagine being able to quickly overlay DCVG and CIS data on a map and then zoom in on problem areas. Survey Manager lets you do just that.

It also lets you compare depol, native and ACVG survey data on a map and share data with others.

Watch the Survey Manager webinar to see this powerful web-based software in action.

Learn About Survey Manager

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