Visualize survey data and your follow up action items on a dashboard with PCS 2.1. File transfer is made seamless with USB cable connection to our new Mesa 3 rugged tablet or new Allegro AX

Manage your corrosion program across your entire network with a single, integrated system that captures, analyzes and reports on critical pipeline and facility data.


COMING SOON: PCS Wireless Sync in PCS 2.2

Introducing PCS 2.1

With PCS 2.1, you can get answers, fast, to the top four questions you get asked about your surveys:

What’s the status of my surveys?

How many facilities do I have for each type?

What’s the status of my maintenance items?

How many exceptions do I have and what are they?

PCS 2.1 also enables our new CartoPac Cathodic Protection application. 

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Data Services

Let our team help you make sure that PCS is providing the data you need to make the most informed decisions. We offer assistance with: 

  • Implementation – Let us work with your IT group and other stakeholders to determine how we can configure PCS to best serve your company.
  • Data collection and loading  Use this service to speed the process of moving data from your existing system to PCS.
  • System integration  Make sure PCS is working correctly with any other databases your company uses. 
  • System administration  Take ongoing PCS maintenance and troubleshooting off your plate.
  • Hosted Services - Let us configure and host PCS software and your pipeline and facility data for you, without a dedicated IT team or infrastructure. Use PCS to collect, manage and report on your data quickly and securely from anywhere with internet access.


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