As-Built Survey Management—CartoPac Digital Twin

What is CartoPac Digital Twin?

CartoPac Digital Twin Construction Manager is a new field data software offering that changes the way distribution companies manage new installations, repairs, materials, and operators.

Why Choose CartoPac Digital Twin?

This integrated software helps utility stakeholders ensure they have accurate as-builts, appropriate materials, and the right field crews for the job. Unlike custom software applications that require months-long service engagements, CartoPac Digital Twin can be up and running for your team in weeks.

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All-In-One, Integrated Solution for As-Built Surveys

CartoPac offers a complete solution when it comes to gas pipeline and infrastructure construction management. Digital Twin can streamline and assist with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Managing new installations
  • Tracking repair progress
  • Determining appropriate materials
  • Finding qualified operators and crew members

CartoPac’s as-built surveying software also seamlessly integrates with leading work order, enterprise asset management systems, and GIS databases to make the most of the processes you already have in place.

Quick and Easy Onboarding

Onboarding new systems and processes is a major pain point for many utility construction projects. While many management solutions require months of planning to get up and running, our as-built survey software and construction management solutions can be deployed in a matter of weeks.

Sluggish onboarding can set teams behind schedule and over budget. That’s why we prioritize making it a quick and painless process for everyone involved.

In-Sync Applications for Every Setting

Both field technicians and supervisory personnel have very distinct needs when it comes to utility construction management. CartoPac’s as-built survey software offers two separate applications – a mobile app with map display and intelligent mobile workflows, and a robust, browser-based application for data visualization, analysis, and reporting.

No matter where you’re working, CartoPac Server synchronizes your data to ensure you have access anytime, anywhere.

Compliant with PHMSA Standards

PHMSA compliance is crucial for any new utility construction management tool. CartoPac’s as-built surveying software not only meets but exceeds current PHMSA tracking and traceability requirements for gas distribution pipelines.

Error & Incident Prevention

Even small incidents in the gas utility industry can be devastating for your project. Luckily, many of these incidents can be minimized or prevented with CartoPac Digital Twin.

12% of all significant gas distribution incidents are a product of material failure. CartoPac’s gas utility software can help your team with material selection and installation to reduce this risk.

35% of gas distribution incidents are due to excavation damage, which is typically caused by incorrect locating practices. CartoPac’s as-built surveying software offers seamless integrations with GIS databases to ensure accurate location and prevent unnecessary damage.

Near-Real Time As-Built Survey Reporting

When it comes to utility construction management, every second counts. CartoPac’s gas utility software offers near-real time capture and reporting to identify errors and inconsistencies immediately. Once an inconsistency has been found, it can be resolved quickly with minimal impact to your schedule, budget, and workflow.

High-Fidelity Data Analysis & Visualization

Through CartoPac Reports, you can review KPIs, construction progress, and completed work summaries. With GIS integration, you’ll see location-specific data to inform your next steps. From broad data visualization to inspection workflows for mains, valves, fittings, and work requests, there are data-supported features for every member of the team.

Custom Configurations & Deployments

Each utility company has its own complex construction management needs. That’s why we offer custom configurations to exceed your expectations and provide support exactly where you need it. No matter how exceptional your location or project is, CartoPac offers one-of-a-kind features and tools to guide you through the construction process.

Proven Track Record

We help oil, gas, and other energy companies find software that works. Our employees take pride in providing exceptional service throughout the entire process, from training your employees to deploying your chosen gas utility software solutions.

We can even recommend, sell, and support your company with field data collection hardware for an end-to-end solution. And, we offer on-going support for you and your team to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tools.

Interested in learning more about how our as-built surveying software can streamline your gas pipeline construction workflow?

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