Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Units—Bullhorn® RMUs

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Bullhorn RMUs are the proven choice in remote monitoring with industry-leading surge protection and an unrivaled warranty.

Bullhorn Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Units measure data from cathodic protection system rectifiers and other assets to ensure ongoing safe operation. Bullhorn RMUs are fully integrated with our PCS Compliance Software and Bullhorn Web, giving you a complete solution from the field to the office and back.

Why Choose Bullhorn RMUs?

The industry’s leading CP remote monitoring units just got TOUGHER. Bullhorn cellular and satellite RMUs are more resilient against surges than ever, providing unsurpassed protection and remote monitoring for your cathodic protection systems. All Bullhorn RMUs come with an unprecedented three-year, no-fault warranty to ensure the relentless service you need in the field.

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What is cathodic protection remote monitoring?

Remote monitors use technology to collect and monitor CP system data for pipelines, tanks, and other assets. Operators use this data to comply with regulations and identify and address potential CP system problems before damage or corrosion occurs.

How does remote monitoring work?

Cathodic Protection Remote monitors are installed at system rectifiers, test stations, and more. Equipped with sensors to collect data such as voltage, current, and temperature, they deliver data via cellular or satellite networks to integrated software such as Bullhorn Web. This enables technicians to easily analyze their CP system data anytime, anywhere. In addition, RMUs enable CP system interruption for close interval surveys, test station polling, and troubleshooting.

The best cathodic protection RMUs also protect cathodic protection system assets from damaging electrical surges.

Benefits of cathodic protection remote monitoring

There are several significant economic and environmental benefits to using CP RMUs.

  • Reduced costs—CP remote monitoring greatly reduces the costs associated with CP system maintenance and inspection. Once done by personnel often traveling to remote locations, CP RMUs monitor data 24/7, enabling operators to quickly identify and address issues and avoid costly repairs and downtime.
  • Improved safety—Remote monitoring improves safety by greatly reducing the need for personnel to travel to remote locations to collect CP data. This is especially beneficial in hazardous environments.
  • Improved performance and asset life—Real-time data simplifies cathodic protection system maintenance, ensures greater uptime, and extends the life of assets.
  • Increased efficiency—CP remote monitoring increases the efficiency of CP programs by automating the data collection and analysis process. This allows CP technicians to focus on more important tasks.

American Innovations’ cathodic protection RMUs

American Innovations is a leading provider of CP remote monitoring solutions. Bullhorn® Remote Monitors, used by asset owners worldwide, are easy to install and use. They are very reliable and operate in a variety of environmental conditions. Bullhorn RMUs collect various CP data, including voltage, current, and temperature.

Bullhorn Rectifier RMUs

Bullhorn Test Point RMUs

Bullhorn RMUs for Meters

In addition to the full range of Bullhorn Remote Monitors, American Innovations offers RMUs that measure data from distribution service meters, transmission LACT meters, flow meters, and other third-party devices.

Bullhorn Web

Bullhorn Web enables operators to analyze remote cathodic protection data anytime, anywhere.


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