Bullhorn® Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Units

The toughest RMUs on the market are now tougher than ever.

Industry-leading surge protection and an unrivaled warranty make Bullhorn RMUs the proven choice in remote monitoring.

Bullhorn Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Units measure data from cathodic protection system rectifiers and other assets to ensure ongoing safe operation. Bullhorn RMUs are fully integrated with our PCS Compliance Software and Bullhorn Web, giving you a complete solution from the field to the office and back.

Why Choose Bullhorn RMUs?

The industry’s leading cathodic protection remote monitoring units just got TOUGHER. Bullhorn cellular and satellite RMUs are more resilient against surges than ever, providing unsurpassed protection and remote monitoring for your cathodic protection systems. All Bullhorn RMUs come with an unprecedented three-year, no-fault warranty to ensure the relentless service you need in the field.

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