Field Data Collection

DVM2130 Digital Voltmeter

Why Choose the DVM2130

The DVM2130 is a purpose-built, rugged digital voltmeter that seamlessly integrates with our field data collection mobile app, PCS Field Data Collector. With a patented circuit design, the DVM2130 ensures accurate, consistent measurements for your CP system debugging and survey needs even in the presence of high voltage interference.

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The DVM2130 also includes:

  • Integrated GPS receiver for synchronization and timestamping of measurements
  • Bluetooth connectivity for flexible integration with mobile devices
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for continuous operation throughout your workday



2.94” W x 4.44” L x 1.50” H


4.8 oz

Working Voltage (DC):

250 V max. on primary input | 500 mV max. on shunt input*

Working Voltage (AC):

175 V max. on primary input | 350 mV max. on shunt input*

Input Impedance:

100 MΩ on primary input | 100 kΩ on shunt input*

Measurement Category:


*This input has a range and impedance specially designed for measuring shunts more accurately


Internal GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou)


USB-C, Bluetooth v5


Rechargeable Li-Ion via USB-C, 10-hour battery life

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