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Who We Are

American Innovations is the leading provider of field data collection, remote monitoring, and pipeline compliance for the oil and gas industry. We deliver a complete suite of hardware and software that allow corrosion professionals to collect the right data, at the right time, in the right location for their compliance needs. From the field to the office through a secure cloud, American Innovations is there.

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Continuously striving to get better. We will not fail each other or the customer. We are patient and dedicated. We relentlessly drive towards our goals.


We are driven by a passion to serve our customers. We serve others before ourselves. Leadership is a responsibility, not a perk.


We embrace our purpose and together we are stronger. Teamwork is a strategic choice.


We trust employees to make meaningful decisions & employees want the responsibility & freedom that comes with trust & accountability.


We believe in open, honest & ethical behavior. Honesty with each other, being true to our values. Facing up to challenges, we do not hide failure or assign blame.

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Leadership Team

Ed Kruft

CEO and President


Scott Shugart

Chief Financial Officer


Richard Counts

Sr. Vice President, Research & Development


Julie Ohlendorf

Vice President, People and Culture


Frank Brown

Chief of Staff


Justin McAdams

Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product


Jill Adragna

Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations


Nikola Todev

Vice President of Information Technology


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