MicroMax Field Instruments Optimize Your Cathodic Protection System

Durable, Accurate and Easy to Install Current Interrupters, Soil Resistivity Meters and Test Station Coupons

MicroMax cathodic protection instruments help you manage your CP systems with patented interruption and interference technology, fast soil resistivity testing, and an integrated coupon test station.

MicroMax Portable Current Interrupters

Micromax current interrupters are rugged and programmable and explicitly designed for your cathodic protection surveys. Rental options are available.

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DVM2130 Digital Voltmeter

The DVM2130 is a purpose-built, rugged digital voltmeter that seamlessly integrates with our field data collection mobile app, PCS Field Data Collector. With a patented circuit design, the DVM2130 ensures accurate, consistent measurements for your CP system debugging and survey needs even in the presence of high voltage interference. The DVM2130 also includes:

  • Integrated GPS receiver for synchronization and timestamping of measurements
  • Bluetooth connectivity for flexible integration with mobile devices
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for continuous operation throughout your workday
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