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Bullhorn RM1250 Remote Monitoring for Meters

Bullhorn RM1250 Remote Monitors offer hands-off management, data protection, and billing insights for distribution service meters and transmission LACT meters.

Why Choose Bullhorn RM1250 Remote Monitoring Unit for Meters?

Bullhorn RM1250 Remote Monitoring Units for meters enable you to provide consumption reports to your customers. With a long-lasting battery, a unit configured to transmit daily readings can last five or more years, freeing your crew from time-consuming trips to the field.

The RM1250 features a rugged, streamlined design and a two-way communication that allows you or your team to remotely modify report settings, set alarm thresholds, update firmware, and make other configuration changes.


Two dry-contact inputConfiguration
100 μA source currentBullhorn Tools Mobile via Bluetooth Low Energy
Maximum cycle rate: 8 cyclesBullhorn Tools PC via Bluetooth Low Energy or USB cable
Minimum state change period: 62.5 mSCommunications
Digital inputWorldwide compatibility on 3G and 4G networks
Accumulates up to a nine-digit readingEnvironment
Minimum logic 1: 1VTemperature: -30° C to +60° C
Maximum logic 0: 800 mV
Maximum cycle rate: 8 cycles
Minimum state change period: 62.5 mS
Power supply
Internal field-replaceable primary and secondary batteries

Additional DC input voltage: 10-24V DC