MicroMax SRM100A Soil Resistivity and pH Meter

Portable Soil Resistivity and pH Meter for ECDA surveys

Capture Soil Resistivity and pH with a Single Probe

Why Choose the SRM100A

The SRM100A is back and better than ever! Providing fast and accurate soil resistivity and pH measurements in a portable package, the SRM100A is designed with “fast and accurate” in mind.

Featuring a redesigned 4-pin probe connector and a new rechargeable battery power supply, the SRM100A is more reliable and more convenient than ever.

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Work Faster and More Efficiently 

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of AC tower pylon inspections and ECDA surveys. The SRM100A can help you complete assessments in a fraction of the time. With traditional four-pin readings taking up to 20 minutes each, the SRM100A offers a streamlined solution by measuring soil pH and resistivity simultaneously in less than two minutes.

Improve Accuracy & Lower Costs

Upgrade to the SRM100A and improve the reliability and accuracy of your measurements with its advanced single-probe configuration. This technology eliminates errors caused by miscalculations or incorrect probe spacing and depth, ensuring precise and dependable results every time. The streamlined design of the SRM100A also helps lower costs by reducing equipment setup time during groundbed installations, allowing your crews to focus on completing the job quickly and efficiently.

SRM100A Specifications


7.5” x 4.75” x 2.25”


2.5 lbs without probe(s)

Construction and Environmental Protection:

ABS high-impact plastic, corrosion proof, sealed to NEMA4/IP64

Resistivity Range:/

0 to 1.5M ohm-cm

Resistivity Accuracy:

+/- 5% of the reading

pH Range:

3 to 10 standard units

pH Accuracy:

+/- 0.5 standard units


Liquid crystal, 2 lines of 16 characters


NEMA4/IP64 sealed toggle switches

Power Supply:

Rechargeable Battery

Ambient Operating Temperature:

-15° C to 60° C

Ambient Operating Humidity:

0 to 100% non-condensing

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