Valve Manager (VM)

The Valve Manager is a module of the Pipeline Compliance System (PCS™) software.

What is the VM module?

Valve Manager is a module within the Pipeline Compliance System (PCS) software, the industry leader in managing compliance information collected for natural gas, hazardous liquids, and other underground pipeline systems. It provides users with an easy way to maintain valve inspection and repair data.

Why Choose the Valve Manager Module?

Organize DataMeet Compliance
Flexible data entry and ad hoc reporting to enter, search, sort and analyze data quickly and compare results from year to year.Visibility into data for audit preparation.

Integrates With Your Other Software Systems
Identify Threats

Pinpoint valve issues to meet compliance and prioritize maintenance.
Deployed on a world class client-server database, Microsoft SQL Server, PCS is highly customizable and interfaces with your existing systems including GIS, PODS, workflow management, and risk assessment applications.
Scheduling and RoutingExceptional Customer Service
Allows users to quickly identify, schedule, route and document valve and inspection work.We offer superior support, training, and application services that include: system integration, data collection and loading, administration, and optimization.
Evaluate Effectiveness

Standard reports and graphs and user- customizable options are integral to determining overall valve maintenance results.