Indirect Survey Manager (ISM)

The Indirect Survey Manager is a module of the Pipeline Compliance System (PCS™) software.

What is the ISM module?

The Indirect Survey Manager (ISM) is a module within the Pipeline Compliance System (PCS), the industry leader in managing compliance information for natural gas, hazardous liquids, and other pipeline systems. ISM manages and aligns External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) indirect inspection data, ensuring requirements in DOT 49 CFR, Parts 192 and 195 are met including the expanded PHMSA Mega Rule requirements.

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  • Close Interval
  • DCVG (Direct Current Voltage Gradient)
  • ACVG (AC Voltage Gradient)
  • ACCA (AC Current Attenuation)
  • Soil Resistivity
  • In-Line Inspection (ILI)

Why Choose the ISM Module?

Custom Reports and Graphs with Multiple Survey Types with Spike Filtering Option

Review all surveys on one graph; layer year-over-year data alongside various types of surveys to identify degenerative situations.

Advanced Capabilities Include Rubber-Banding, Reversal of Readings, Shift Stationing, and Appending Surveys

Re-align station numbers for a survey and view data in a variety of ways for maximum survey efficiency.

Data Import and Export Options, Including Integrated Bridge Reports

Import and export data via bridge in Excel, CSV, or similar file formats, as well as with third party contractors and vendors

Multi-User Design for Replication and Synchronization

Share critical data throughout an organization.

Collect, Analyze, Report, and Graph Close Interval and DCVG Survey Data

Exception reporting for interval surveys including -0.850 mV criteria, % IR, dB level, and indication classification type.

Integration with PCS Field Data Collector, PCS Survey Manager, and Bullhorn Web for accurate and verifiable CP Data Collection

Increases productivity by creating a seamless workflow from data collection to reporting; prevents transcription errors.

Data Exchange with GIS, Risk Management, Work Management, and Other External Applications

Integrate with current and future IT systems and processes.

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