Internal Corrosion Manager (ICM)

The Internal Corrosion Manager is a module of the Pipeline Compliance System (PCS™) software.

What is the ICM module?

ICM is an integrated data collection, analysis, and reporting solution based on industry and regulatory expertise. With ICM, you can manage internal corrosion programs at the enterprise level, and ensure compliance with the expanded internal corrosion requirements of the PHMSA Mega Rule. ICM

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Captures, manages, and analyzes internal corrosion data for pipeline networks

  • Supports compliance with audit reporting and operational scheduling to avoid delinquencies
  • Provides cost/benefit analysis for chemical treatment and other mitigation strategies
  • Correlates historical data for troubleshooting and critical decision support
  • Facilitates importing data from chemical vendors and lab analysis companies with ease, including automatic scheduled jobs

ICM collects and analyzes data for all components of the internal corrosion program to comply with DOT 49 CFR Parts 192.475-477 and 195.579 including:

  • Chemical Treatment
  • Coupons
  • Probes
  • Gas/liquids/solids samples
  • Pigging
  • Dewatering

Why Choose the ICM Module?

Continuous Compliance

Avoid delinquencies by scheduling measurements.
Create all reports necessary for audit support and filing requirements.

Key Performance Indicators

• Streamline operations and minimize costs.
• Visualize actual measurements versus targets from relevant sources, and tune operations with confidence for treatment injection rates as well as pigging and dewatering frequencies.

Data Integration

• Reliably import data from operations, labs, and chemical vendors.
• Supported formats include: Excel, CSV, plain text, XML, and DBF.

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