PCS Pipeline Compliance

PCS Version 2.4 Now Available

Why use PCS Pipeline Compliance?

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Manage your pipelines or other facilities with an integrated data collection, analysis, reporting and action planning solution

Whether you work in production, gathering, transmission or distribution, PCS provides the data you need to protect your facilities. Not only does PCS collect, manage and report on compliance data across your entire network, it turns your data into actionable information. This powerful software provides:

Modules specifically designed to manage data associated with common survey types.

Client-server synchronization between the field and the office that gives you near instant visibility into your survey data.

Image management functionality that lets you link photos to your inspection records and embed images in form-based reports.

PCS Modules

With an array of features, such as specific reporting and critical compliance criteria based on the module, PCS lets you effectively manage specific types of survey data from a central database you and your team can access from the field and the office.

PCS Pipeline Compliance

Customize it to fit your existing workflow – Configure pipeline systems and facilities in a way that makes sense for your company.

Accommodate each user – PCS makes it easy for users to view data according to their individual needs.

Maintain consistent data – Allow users to gather information pertinent to them while maintaining the structure of your central database.

Navigate your data easily – Automatic photo sorting functionality combined with tabs for facility information, inspection data, and maintenance records makes it easy to find the information you need when you need it.

Streamline your routing process – PCS facility routing lets you easily build routes and then upload them to your technicians’ Allegro Field Data PCs or Mesa 3 Tablet.

Choose from pre-defined reports and graphs or build your own – PCS graphs let you plot thousands of data points in seconds and easily drill-down to the information you need so you can generate useful reports – with photos – in just a few minutes.

Let us manage your system – PCS Hosted Services provides users with an easy way to use PCS from anywhere with internet access without a dedicated IT team or infrastructure. We take care of data authentication, security and support for you.

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