American Innovations Introduces New Technology Platform for Cathodic Protection

Intuitive Software with Real-Time Mapping on a Rugged Tablet for Periodic and Close Interval Surveys

AUSTIN, TX— American Innovations, Ltd., the leader in solutions for the Cathodic Protection (CP) industry, announced today the launch of a new software platform that increases operational efficiency for periodic and close interval surveys. CartoPac Cathodic Protection software gives users data visualization and mapping capabilities in a user interface designed to simplify the data collection process. The software runs on the seven-inch Mesa 3 rugged tablet and the Allegro AX field data PC, with AI’s patented Digital Voltmeter technology to ensure highly accurate measurements.

CartoPac Field Integration, an extension of the CartoPac brand AI acquired in 2019, adds to the company’s extensive suite of hardware and software platforms that deliver the most complete toolkit for Cathodic Protection professionals. The new solutions expand the company’s position as a leader for mobile enterprise data solutions for Cathodic Protection in the oil and gas pipeline industry. See how it works and find out more at

The CartoPac Cathodic Protection software bolsters External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) programs by letting users visualize their routes with maps, perform close interval potential surveys (CIPS) and periodic surveys, and quickly identify and troubleshoot problems using the waveform functionalities of the digital voltmeters. GPS capabilities allow users to sync with any interruption programs and collect highly accurate location data.

While CartoPac Cathodic Protection is supported on previous versions of PCS software, the newly released PCS Axis 2.1 offers a more seamless survey transfer workflow, and with Android OS, data transfer is quick and easy.

Product Manager Alex Rodriguez and his team worked closely with end users while developing CartoPac Cathodic Protection. “This platform is the culmination of two decades of real-world user feedback and AI expertise” says Rodriguez. “The Mesa 3 tablet is a game changer. It is rugged enough to survive the harsh environments our users are subject to. Users can also download other apps so they can be as productive in the field as they are in the office. The Allegro AX’s integrated form factor is tried and tested but has updated electronics for a fast and secure user experience.”

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Media Contact: Sara Breuer, Marketing Director, [email protected]

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American Innovations is the industry leader in cathodic protection solutions. Our award-winning hardware, software, and services transform the way companies collect, analyze, and report compliance information in the oil and gas pipeline industry. Used by virtually every oil and gas transmission pipeline company in North America, AI's innovative and reliable products are critical to maintaining pipeline compliance. AI’s professional services include risk analysis, High Consequence Area (HCA) analysis, data conversion and migration, training, hardware installation and calibration, midstream and gas distribution GIS and regulatory compliance consulting.

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