Introducing CartoPac® Field Integration.

Our next-generation suite of hardware and software solutions provides data visualization using maps, optimized workflows for periodic and close interval surveys, and powerful devices that integrate seamlessly with PCS 2.1 Compliance Software.  

Offerings included in this new launch:

CartoPac® Cathodic Protection app, Mesa 3 rugged tablet with Bluetooth DVM2130, Allegro AX Field Data PC with DVM1110, and ergonomically designed accessories.

Watch this video to see CartoPac® Field Integration solutions in action! 


IT'S HERE: PCS Wireless Sync for CartoPac Cathodic Protection

CartoPac Cathodic Protection 1.6 

New features that will help you do more. 

Streamlined UI. More flexibility. Efficient and effective surveys.

The latest CartoPac Cathodic Protection update adds features that give you even more operational efficiency for your periodic and close interval surveys.

You can now export CSV files of your surveys to integrate your data more easily into any database. User interface improvements including the ability to display more records mean you can get the job done faster.

Visualize your routes with maps and quickly identify and troubleshoot problems easily with CartoPac Cathodic Protection. Continuous improvements make it easy for you to stay ahead of your survey demands.

Mesa 3 users can download from the Google Play Store. Allegro AX users can download from the American Innovations Support Site.

All users can find all the documentation needed on the AI Support Site

Meet the Mesa 3

The new Mesa 3 rugged tablet is built for durability, reliability, and high performance out in the field, even in extreme environments. It runs on Android OS for quick, easy data transfer, and has a lightning-fast CPU, and exceptional battery life to easily power through a day of periodic or close interval surveys.

The Mesa 3 rugged tablet has the added advantage of access to the Google Play Store, where users can download the CartoPac Cathodic Protection App and access a huge library of applications to further increase productivity. Cellular capabilities on the Mesa 3 allow users to collaborate with others virtually anywhere. Its 7" wet-touch/glove-touch, non-reflective screen aids viewing surveys and documents in unfavorable weather conditions.

Meet the Allegro AX

The new Allegro AX offers the form factor field operators know and love, but runs on Android to make transferring files easier than ever. Its QWERTY keyboard, built-in GPS, and AI's patented DVM1110 are fully integrated and made for CP environments. The Allegro AX has a faster, more powerful CPU than our previous model, and offers maps so you can quickly verify site status.

RFID Reader and Tags  Bundle your Mesa 3 or Allegro AX with our RFID reader and tags for instant, verifiable proof of every site visit.