American Innovations CEO Ed Kruft: How Technology Can Drive Mega Rule Compliance and Change in the Cathodic Protection Industry

[WATCH] Free On-demand Webcast on Using Technology to Drive Mega Rule Compliance and [LISTEN] Podcast on How Tech is Changing Remote Monitoring and Cathodic Protection

As American Innovations continues to roll out new and updated technology in field data collection, remote monitoring, and pipeline compliance, it’s opening up new ways to protect our energy infrastructure.

Leveraging the investments and advancements from large technology companies, AI can accelerate digital transformation and the adoption of the internet of things to help oil and gas companies better protect people, pipelines, and the environment.

Are You Ready for the Expanded Mega Rule? Learn How and Where to Start

Watch the free AMPP webcast on demand at your convenience to learn how to use currently available technology to comply with the existing and expanding Mega Rule requirements.

Join American Innovations CEO Ed Kruft for an overview of field data collection, remote monitoring, pipeline compliance, and what the expanded Mega Rule regulations mean for you. From the rules around DCVG and ACVG surveys to expansion into gas distribution, get prepared to take action and stay in compliance.

Technology, Trends, and Why Talking to People Matters

Listen to the Materials Performance Podcast hosted by Ben Dubose to hear how current technologies like advanced GPS systems and the secure cloud can help you collect the right data at the right time, in the right location, and keep it secure.

Learn how American Innovations is engineering mobile field data computers that integrate mapping into the survey process, how the expansion of cellular and satellite networks is driving costs down and improving coverage, and how machine learning and edge computing will push more computing and analysis power out into the field.

Learn more about the latest Mega Rule updates in our recently updated article.

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