Railroad Commission of Texas Validates AI GIS Capabilities

AUSTIN, TX – July 21, 2016 – American Innovations is pleased to announce that the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) added AI to its list of GIS vendors who have demonstrated an ability to meet Texas Pipeline Mapping System (TPMS) requirements.

Vendors on this list are qualified to generate geospatial files pursuant to RRC digital submission requirements. These files are necessary to apply for T-4 permits, which operators must secure in order to commission a pipeline in Texas. As part of its application to be included on this list, AI provided RRC with a sample shapefile and map that prove its ability to:

  • Generate GIS databases with pipeline attributes coded as required by the RRC
  • Create permit maps that adhere to RRC requirements

Digital submission for RRC permitting is a natural extension to the GIS expertise we offer as part of our DOT compliance and HCA analysis services,” said Ed Kruft, President of American Innovations. “We’re excited to be included on this list and we look forward to helping Texas operators create GIS data that can be easily reviewed and quickly approved by the Railroad Commission of Texas.”

View the RRC’s vendor list.

Learn more about the RRC’s standards for digital pipeline submissions.

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