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Protect your surge-hardened products with the best warranty.

April 16, 2021. Lightning strikes. When it does, you want your remote monitoring units (RMUs) and rectifiers to be able to withstand this powerful, electrical surge event so they can continue to function effectively, and you are protected against having to mitigate a dangerous and costly surge event.

Bullhorn tough just got tougher. American Innovations has added the new, surge-hardened S Series to our legendary Bullhorn product line. Bullhorn RM4014S (satellite), RM4150S/4151S (cellular) https:// to help protect our customers’ and prospects’ investments out in the field that are subject to extreme weather, constant change, and risk. For those with Bullhorns already installed, easy-to-install Advanced SurgeProtect kits have got you covered.

When lightning strikes and travels through AC towers or ground rods to pipelines, its electrical surge will be looking for a path to ground, like a cathodic protection (CP) system’s RMUs and rectifiers. 

Bullhorn RM4014S and RM4150S/51S S series surge-hardened remote monitors provide a strong defensive line against surge, and our new surge kit is the safety that can optimize any CP system. It’s a two-part strategy to quickly and easily protect and upgrade your CP system in a cost-effective way to have unparalleled protection. 

RMUs and rectifiers are critical tools in any CP system, and lightning is a known risk to them. Upgrade to surge-hardened RMUs, install surge protect kits, and you will have optimized protection of your CP system against electrical events, and avoid the cost, danger, and downtime of surge mitigation. The Bullhorn S series is protected under American Innovations’ unmatched warranty. Learn more about our warranty here:  

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