Count on our Bullhorn remote monitors to keep tabs on facilities that are difficult to physically inspect. Bullhorn's rugged design ensures accurate data, even in extreme conditions.

Use our cloud software, Bullhorn Web, to report on your data anytime, anywhere.


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RM4150 and RM4151 – Cellular monitors to mount outside or inside your rectifier.

RM4014 and RM4015 – Satellite monitors to mount outside or inside your rectifier.

RM4016 – A solar-powered, satellite monitor.

General Purpose Applications

RM4211 – A satellite monitor for mid-point test stations, bonds, decouplers and solar powered rectifiers.

AC Mitigation

RM4210 – A satellite AC/DC monitor for coupon test stations.

Oil and Gas

RM1250 – A cellular monitor for distribution service meters or transmission LACT meters. 

RM3250 - A cellular monitor for electronic flow meters that use a Mercury or Modbus interface.

Bullhorn Web

Manage, troubleshoot, configure and report on your Bullhorn Monitors with our cloud-based software Bullhorn Web.


Our Bullhorn accessories include power supplies, surge arresters, antennas, cables, batteries and more.

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