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Bullhorn tough just got TOUGHER.

The new S Series of Bullhorn RMUs, cellular and satellite, are more resilient against surge than ever. Add Advance SurgeProtect Kits to provide unsurpassed protection for your CP system. Get the relentless service and warranty you need out in the field. 

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RM4150/51S - Surge-hardened cellular-based monitors to mount outside or inside your rectifier.

RM4014S –Surge-hardened satellite-based monitor to mount outside or inside your rectifier.

RM4016 – A solar-powered, satellite monitor.

General Purpose Applications

RM4211 and RM4251 – Our satellite and cellular remote monitors for coupon test stations, bonds, decouplers and solar-powered rectifiers.

AC Mitigation

RM4210 and RM4250 – Our satellite and cellular remote monitors for AC coupon test stations.

Oil and Gas

RM1250 – A cellular monitor for distribution service meters or transmission LACT meters. 

RM3250 - A cellular monitor for electronic flow meters that use a Mercury or Modbus interface.

Bullhorn Web

Manage, troubleshoot, configure and report on your Bullhorn Monitors with our cloud-based software Bullhorn Web.

Advanced SurgeProtect Kits

Learn about the Advanced SurgeProtect Kitits capabilities, cost, and quick and easy installation.

Learn about the Bullorn S Series, RM4150S/51S and RM4014S, and how it provides unrivaled capability to protect your CP system against surge events.  

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