Bullhorn RM4014S Remote Monitoring Unit

The Bullhorn S Series RM4014S RMU is satellite-based and engineered to monitor critical cathodic protection data points, including DC volts and amps, pipe-to-soil potential, shunts, and accumulators. The RM4014S allows you to:

  • Monitor, configure, and interrupt remote locations without leaving the office.
  • Get highly accurate current and voltage measurements within 2 percent of reading accuracy.
  • Trust that you will get your data even in harsh conditions

Why Choose Bullhorn RM4014S Remote Monitoring Unit?

Bullhorn S Series RM4014S RMU is satellite-based and surge-hardened to provide unrivaled protection against any surge events.

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The RM4014S Remote Monitor Offers Reliable Performance Enhancing Features:

Remote Operations – Never leave the office to operate a unit. Use mobile and web apps to change the configuration, take a measurements, and control interruption.

Reliable Interruption – Patented influence and interference technology and GPS-synchronized interruption are available when you purchase or as a field upgrade.

Rugged Durability – The Bullhorn RM4014S remote monitor survives the harshest of conditions, with built-in surge protection. For enhanced safety against surge events, you can add a high-energy surge arrester or Advanced Surge Protect Kit.

Accuracy – The RM4014S remote monitor provides highly accurate current and voltage measurements within 2% of reading accuracy. 10 MΩ impedance provides enhanced pipe-to-soil accuracy where just a few mA can be the difference between compliance and non-compliance.

Instant Alerts – Never worry about unknown problems with your unit. Instead, configure text or email notifications that immediately inform you about high-priority situations, such as a low battery or unusually high consumption rates.

Integrated Compliance Solution – We provide a complete end-to-end system to prove regulatory compliance. Easily import Bullhorn’s field measurements into PCS™ Compliance Software and integrate them into reports.

Unlimited Warranty – American Innovations’ industry-leading warranty covers your Bullhorn S Series RMUs against any unexpected surge damage for up to three years.



4 Analog Channels

Channels 1, 3, 4 DC voltage range:

±5 V with accuracy of 2% of reading

Channel 2 DC voltage range:

±100 V with accuracy of 2% of reading

Scan rate:

16 scans per second

Channel-to-channel isolation:

≥ 250 V DC

Channel-to-channel isolation:

≥ 250 V DC


Survives multiple 30KV strikes. Tested using 50uS waveform to simulate lightning strike.

2 Digital Channels


Digital input, accumulator, accumulator reset, or contact closure (0 – 15 V DC)

Minimum logic:

1 = 2 V

Maximum logic:

0 = 800 mV

Scan rate:

16 scans per second

Accumulator maximum cycle rate:

1 cycle/2 s

Minimum state change period:

1 s

Minimum pulse width:

250 ms

Interruption Option:

Maximum Current:

500 mA DC

Output Voltage:

10-14 V DC

Min. switching cycle:

1 s

On/off cycle increments:

100 ms

Interruption Modes:

Daily, interference, start/stop, and continuous

Interference Mode:

Set up to 99 rectifiers or groups for influence studies

Relay types:

NO or NC, solid state or mechanical



Orbcomm – IsatData Pro

Poll, reconfigure, set alarm thresholds & update firmware over-the-air

Software Interface

Bullhorn Web

Bullhorn Tools for PC

Power Supply


100 – 240 V AC with included AC/DC converter


10 – 14 V DC with interruption; 5 – 25 V DC without interruption


Internal sealed rechargeable battery



NEMA 4x compliant enclosure (7.5” x 5.25” x 12.25”)



-30° C to +70° C


0-100% non-condensing

Safety and Compliance

Tested Safety Standards:



CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1-2012

CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-2-030:2010

UL61010-1:2012 supplemented by UL61010-2-030:2012

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