New Web-Based Software Speeds Pipeline Surveys, Prevents Rework and Helps Optimize Mitigation Efforts

Austin, TX – June 4, 2018 – American Innovations is pleased to announce Survey Manager, the first product in the company’s new Concentric product line, is now available for purchase. The goal of Concentric products is to use cloud and mobile technology to help pipeline personnel collaborate on survey data and get more accurate insights, faster. Survey Manager does this by allowing surveyors and their supervisors or clients to collaborate on data in real-time, using a rich dashboard that can display survey data on a map, in a grid or on a chart. Users can view these three data displays simultaneously, allowing them to better visualize and analyze their survey results. 

Through this rich display, the new Survey Manager application allows users to:

  • Reduce the time and effort required to collect, validate and assemble survey data.
  • Easily compare historical and enhancement data on a map, enabling more informed mitigation decisions that reduce the risk of unneeded digging.
  • Present survey data in a format that's easy to interpret, and then share with others using the Survey Manager reporting module.

"Since early this year, we have been gathering feedback on Survey Manager and conducting field trials," said Jonathan Hogue, Principal Product Manager at American Innovations. "This allowed us to ensure that Survey Manager – our first Concentric product – lives up to the goal of allowing customers to analyze and collaborate on their data more quickly and easily than ever before. I think our customers will find that Survey Manager has been thoughtfully designed to help them make the data-based decisions necessary to safeguard pipelines and the surrounding communities. I'm excited to take the same approach as we expand the Concentric product line."

"I'm pleased to have had the opportunity to test Survey Manager prior to its full release, and I'm very happy with its performance," said Brandon Veit, Technician at CEC Corrosion Services. "I wouldn't want to go back to the way we were working before Survey Manager. The software allows us to make sure the data we're collecting is accurate, right as we're collecting it. This reduces the need for rework and makes me confident that we're gating the correct data, the first time."

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