New MicroMax® Current Interrupter Features an Integrated Battery, Speeds CP Surveys in Remote Areas

Austin, TX – May 15, 2018 – American Innovations has released the MicroMax GPS360, a portable current interrupter designed for cathodic protection surveyors who need to interrupt facilities in remote locations. Instead of relying on a large external battery to power the interrupter in these areas, surveyors can use the GPS360. Weighing in just over three pounds, it can interrupt up to 100 amps for 60+ hours without a power source. In addition to a built-in battery, the GPS360 includes other hallmarks of the MicroMax product line: an integrated relay, rugged design, and a form-factor small enough to fit inside most rectifier cabinets.

"Portable interruption can be a headache for many of our customers, especially those who work in remote areas,” said Christopher Shawhan, Director of Product Management at American Innovations. “By eliminating the need to select the right relay, get the wiring polarity correct, find a way to keep the interrupter secure, and bring an external power source, we think the GPS360 will significantly improve the efficiency of our customers’ cathodic protection surveys. We’re excited about this release and we look forward to developing future products that serve our customers’ needs.”

Learn more about the MicroMax GPS360 current interrupter.

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