Meet the Leaders Shaping American Innovations’ Future

August 22, 2023

They say change is the only constant, and American Innovations is no stranger to embracing it. The company has witnessed significant growth and changes in its upper management, welcoming new leaders poised to propel American Innovations to greater heights. Get to know the leaders who are not only shaping American Innovations’ future but also elevating customer experiences and providing innovative solutions to real-world challenges in the cathodic protection industry.

Frank Brown: Orchestrating Excellence as Chief of Staff

In February 2020, Frank Brown joined American Innovations as a Senior Program Manager for the Research and Development department. His dedication, strategic expertise, and vast experience managing programs did not go unnoticed, which led to his promotion to Associate Director of Program Development shortly after. Last fall, Frank took on the role of Chief of Staff, and he now provides tactical and organizational support across the company. Collaborating closely with different departments, he identifies, prioritizes, and spearheads pivotal projects and initiatives that drive American Innovations forward.

Julie Ohlendorf: Fostering People and Culture with Heart

Our people are our greatest assets, and we recognize that a company's true strength lies within its people. Julie Ohlendorf, Vice President of People and Culture, has been instrumental in nurturing the culture at American Innovations and making it an even more vibrant workplace. Julie's passion lies in cultivating an environment that not only supports talent but actively encourages growth. Through her dedication to promoting diversity, fostering professional development, and championing employee well-being, Julie creates a workspace where every team member can flourish.

Richard Counts: Engineering the Future of Research and Development

Since he arrived in 2019, Richard Counts has reinvented the product development process and built a talented team of leaders within the Research and Development department. Thanks to Richard's guidance, American Innovations has also introduced cutting-edge new products for remote monitoring and mobile field data collection. Richard, now our Senior Vice President of Research and Development, continues to demonstrate a passion for teamwork and transparency, inspiring a culture where collaboration thrives.

Nikola Todev: Leading the Charge in Information Technology

Nikola Todev joined American Innovations in 2019 as Director of IT and Information Security, where he spearheaded enterprise security and business operations. In his current role as Vice President of Information Technology, Nikola is driving a transformation in our IT and security processes. His wealth of experience managing IT systems and services and fortifying enterprise networks against internal and external threats has been instrumental. With a sharp focus on innovation, Nikola leads our IT team in creating cutting-edge solutions that empower clients and streamline operations.

Jill Adragna: Revolutionizing Supply Chain and Operations

In 2021, Jill Adragna joined American Innovations as Director of Supply Chain, bringing a wealth of experience in procurement, global operations, logistics, packaging engineering, and manufacturing. Her leadership prowess shone through, propelling her to the position of Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations. Jill now leads our supply chain team, ensuring a seamless and efficient flow that supports American Innovations’ operations.

Justin McAdams: Elevating Sales, Marketing, and Product Strategies

In 2020, we welcomed Justin McAdams to the American Innovations family. Initially joining us as an Enterprise Sales Manager, Justin's profound expertise in the oil and gas sector quickly propelled him to the role of Enterprise Sales Director. With his extensive industry knowledge and unique perspective, Justin breathed new life into our business development strategies.
Recently, Justin achieved another milestone, being promoted to the position of Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product. This strategic move positions American Innovations to harness the full potential of our customer relationships, drive revenue growth, and reach new heights. Under his leadership, meaningful interactions with our valued customers have multiplied, while Justin's instrumental role in initiating process improvements across various departments has resulted in enhanced sales and marketing outcomes.

Leading the Way in the Oil and Gas Industry

Change is a catalyst for growth, and these recent shifts in leadership demonstrate our unwavering commitment to progress and innovation. As this new chapter unfolds, we are confident that these new leaders will use their expertise to enhance customer experiences, foster a productive and inspiring workplace, and drive the development of new technology for the needs of the oil and gas industry.

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