Your Bullhorn RMUs: How To Ensure Continuous Network Service

January 2022 - Important Bullhorn Product Update

Several carriers have discontinued certain services that will affect your Bullhorn® remote monitoring units (RMUs). As your remote monitoring provider, we want to help you prepare for the changeover by sharing the timelines and our recommended actions for carrier network sunsets that may impact your Bullhorn RMUs.

IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP: Order new, replace, or upgrade your units today if you haven’t already to avoid further disruption.

Satellite sunset happened December 31 – act now to fix outages!

Our satellite service provider Orbcomm announced end of life for its network as of December 31, 2021. Your units have gone dark if you have not already upgraded and will not work if you don’t upgrade ASAP.

Units affected by this change are:

  • AMR6-SAT
  • RM3011
  • RM3012
  • RM4010
  • RM4011
  • RM4012
  • RM4013
  • SD16-SAT

To resolve Orbcomm IsatM2M network service disruption, IDP conversion kits are available to conduct in-field terminal swaps for RM4010 RM4011 & RM4013 units. Orbcomm network service disruptions began December 31, 2021.

Cellular changes are also right around the corner:

Several Bullhorn models are affected by a change that is just weeks away – in February 2022. To resolve this issue, please contact your AI Sales representative to help you convert to the latest product today!

Units impacted by this change are:

  • RM1250
  • RM4150
  • RM4151

NOTE: This applies only to 3G units (LTE units are not impacted)

To avoid AT&T network service disruption in February 2022, send in your non-LTE cellular units as soon as possible.

We highly encourage you to upgrade your units now to avoid any disruption in service. Don’t let sunset dates sneak up on you!

We appreciate your business, trust, and loyalty.

For the most current information on End of Life policies and recommended replacement products, go here or contact our sales team.

Contact [email protected] to start the upgrade process and ask about our services to perform the upgrades for you.

For questions please contact the Support Team at 1-800-229-3404 or [email protected].

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