Additional Training Resources

Thank you for attending our free training session in New Orleans, LA. See additional resources and more information on our training options below.

User Training Modules

PCS & PCS Survey Manager Training and Tutorials

PCS Field Data Collector & Mesa Tablet Training and Tutorials

Bullhorn RMU & Bullhorn Web Training and Tutorials

MicroMax Training and Tutorials

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PCS Admin Training

  • Hierarchy Layout and User Permissions
  • How to Manage Themes for Layouts, Sorting, Filtering, and Forms
  • Learning the Data Modification Utility – Move Facility, Sub Facility, Inspection, and Maintenance Data
  • How to Create Bridge Definitions for Data Import, Export to Table, and Bullhorn Readings
  • Add User Defined Fields
  • Managing User and Security Roles
  • Customizing Columnar, Form, and Summary Reports for Email Notifications

PCS Intermediate Training

  • Hierarchy Layout and User Permissions
  • Overview of Data Grids – Add and Analyze Facilities
  • How to Manage Themes for Layouts, Sorting, Filtering, and Forms
  • Adding Images and Documentation to Inspection Data
  • Customizing Columnar, Form, and Summary Reports along with Dashboard Analysis
  • How to Send and Receive Survey Data to a Field Computer

PCS Survey Manager Training

  • Adding Users to Access PCS Survey Manager
  • Managing and Processing Data for DCVG, Indirect Survey, Depol, and Waveprints
  • Running Reports for Comments and Objects, Exceptions, Inversions, and Depth of Cover
  • How to Use SnapView to Align and Compare Data from Multiple Surveys for In-depth Assessment
  • Assigning Periodic Surveys to Field Data Collector Users Using Wireless Sync
  • Reviewing and Staging Periodic Inspection Data Using Wireless Sync to Import into PCS

PCS Field Data Collector Training

  • Overview and Setup of the PCS Field Data Collector Application
  • Waveform Setup and Analysis
  • Using the Cl Module and Survey Setup
    • Export to PCS/PCS Survey Manager
  • How to Run a DCVG Survey
  • How to Use Periodic Survey
    • PCS Send/Receive Options

Customized Training Options

Have specific training needs? We offer customized training solutions tailored to your organization’s requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can create a training program that meets your unique goals.

• Onsite at the American Innovations Training Facility in Austin, Texas
• Personalized Visit at Your Site
• Virtual Webinar