Valve Placement Analysis Services


Valve Placement Analysis Services

Reduce the Length of Pipeline that Could Affect HCAs

Let our team quantify how strategic placement of emergency flow restriction devices can minimize the risk of a product release and its potential impact on navigable waterways, drinking water sources and other high-consequence areas. Depending on your needs, our valve placement analysis services can help you:

  • Verify that your pipeline construction or conversion plans account for all HCA impacts along the route
  • Determine how reversing product flow would impact HCAs, given current EFRD placements
  • Reduce patrol and inspection costs by strategically placing emergency flow restriction devices so that they minimize impacts on HCAs 

Why Choose AI? 

  • Get expert insights – With decades of experience in the pipeline industry, our team can help you consider questions that might not be obvious. For example: Are you aware of all the HCA impacts along a proposed new route? Is there an accurate elevation profile of the pipeline so that drain-down volume releases can be calculated? 
  • Make the best possible decision – Placing an EFRD can be a qualitative and subjective process. We help with this by creating an automated, repeatable process that uses quantifiable metrics to show you how various valve placement decisions impact your pipeline and budget.
  • Improve operations and reduce risk at the same time – We can help you determine how valve placement suggestions from your field team might reduce your risk exposure so you can strategically install valves that both improve operational efficiency and reduce potential HCA impacts.
  • Optimize your emergency response plans – Do your emergency response plans dedicate enough resources to containing product releases? We can help you make sure.
  • Enjoy relentless service – One of our core values is relentless service, which is how we earned these testimonials. Our pipeline integrity engineers are seasoned experts, and they're also great people who will make sure you're satisfied with our work. 

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