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Let us help with your toughest integrity management projects and you'll be in good company. Over the last twenty years, we've been trusted by some of the largest pipeline companies in the world.

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High-Consequence Area Analysis

Let us help with your HCA analyses. Our integrity engineers and GIS analysts will give you a clear view of how an incident on your pipeline system could impact environmentally sensitive areas.

AC Interference Mitigation

Combine progressive research with practical threat analysis when you work with our AC interference mitigation team.

Risk Assessment

Give your risk assessments the attention they deserve by engaging our team. We'll generate customized risk scores, help you understand what your scores mean, and recommend ways for you to proactively mitigate failures.

DOT Pipeline Compliance Services

Find the areas in which you're open to a DOT citation, improve your procedures or conduct a mock audit with the help of our DOT pipeline compliance services.

Valve Placement Analysis

Reduce your spill potential and high-consequence area impacts by engaging our team to help you make sure you're placing the right valve in the right location.

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DC Interference Services

Maintenance worker performing DC Interference Services

It’s crowded out there, and only getting more crowded by the day. Chances are your pipeline is operating in close proximity to many other cathodically protected pipelines. Identifying and mitigating stray DC interference is a critical component of any corrosion protection plan as required by 49 CFR §192.473.

Our expert pipeline integrity engineers have the expertise and experience to help you:

  • Understand where your pipeline is at higher risk of stray current interference from foreign pipelines
  • Prioritize your field survey and mitigation projects and proactively avert corrosion failures
  • Provide a foundation for a DC Interference program that is reasoned, logical and defensible

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