AI World 2023 DVM Calibration Request

Attending AI World 2023 and need your DVM calibrated? Drop your DVM1100, DVM1110, and/or DVM2130 off by 9 a.m. Tuesday, November 7th at AI World and we cover the shipping back to you after AI World.

Calibrating your devices every 12 months ensures accurate, consistent measurements and avoids unscheduled downtime.

AI World Calibration Process

DVM Dropoff

After submitting the DVM calibration form below you will receive a confirmation email for your submission, please check your junk folder for this request in case it does not appear in your inbox. Please bring your Digital Voltmeter to AI World 2023 and drop it off at our front desk by 9 A.M. Tuesday, November 7.

DVM Pickup

Unless explicitly stated in your request, your DVM will be calibrated and shipped back to your submitted ship-to address after AI World 2023. If your DVM must be calibrated and picked up by the end of AI World, we charge an expedited fee of $50 for your calibration in order to have your DVM ready for pickup by Thursday, November 9 at the field trip to the American Innovations Headquarters in Austin, TX.

Calibration Types: Verification and Adjustment

The measurements of the device are verified against the specification, and if necessary, adjustments are made to the internal calibration constants. This is the type of calibration that happens when you send a MicroMax digital voltmeter to American Innovations. Note: Calibration service providers other than American Innovations are not equipped to perform this type of calibration for MicroMax digital voltmeters.

DVM Calibration services from American Innovations includes:

  • A calibration certificate that you can present to your auditor upon request
  • A report, like this one, that shows detailed “as found” and “as left” test data
  • Option available to expedite order

Calibration service from American Innovations also includes complementary comprehensive verification of device integrity and functions. For MicroMax digital voltmeters, this verification includes visual inspection for damage, digital trigger input function, embedded GPS receiver function, and Bluetooth connectivity function, as applicable.

Fill out the form below to request a calibration for your equipment leading up to AI World 2023!

Request a DVM Calibration - AI World

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