New MicroMax® GPS350 Current Interrupter – The Smallest Interrupter with Built-In Relay

Combines the GPS300 current interrupter with a new ground-breaking solid state relay that still fits comfortably in your hand.

Austin, TX – March 11, 2015– American Innovations, protecting people and the environment with compliance solutions for the oil and gas industry, announces the launch of the MicroMax GPS350. This new GPS-synchronized current interrupter builds on the capabilities of the GPS300 by integrating a Normally Closed AC/DC Solid State Relay that can interrupt up to 60 amps with on/off cycles of less than 4 seconds, and 80 A with 4-second cycles or longer.

Portable interrupters are moved constantly, so quick and efficient installation is a valuable capability. With the GPS350, there is no need to wire up a standalone relay, since the built-in relay can interrupt either AC or DC and is suitable for almost any rectifier. The built-in relay also contains a unique voltage suppression technology that absorbs the inductive energy released during on/off switching. The interrupter can be powered from an AC or DC source, common in most rectifiers, for dependable operation.

The MicroMax GPS350 is built tough. Its hardened enclosure can withstand the most extreme treatment and severe weather conditions. The built-in relay is optically driven, providing perfect isolation to ensure that the interrupter is protected from high energy events such as lightning strikes. As the smallest interrupter with a built-in relay on the market, MicroMax GPS350 can be installed inside many rectifiers, further protecting it from the elements, not to mention vandalism and theft.

The GPS350 is simple to use. It can be programmed utilizing a straightforward built-in keypad or via USB. This simplicity greatly reduces programming errors, as well as prep and installation time, freeing surveyors to do the real work at-hand – surveying assets and collecting data. It functions in continuous, daily, dated and interference modes to fit any interruption schedule. Our unique interference mode helps operators determine the influence of each rectifier – whether it’s their own or another operator’s – on the structure under test.

“We are extremely excited about the addition of the GPS350 to our MicroMax suite of products,” says American Innovations’ President Ed Kruft. “Our GPS300 won the NACE Innovation of the Year award last year. We’ve taken it and added an 80 amp AC or DC solid-state relay to the bottom of it. It’s rugged, easy to use and still fits in the palm of your hand. It’s another example of bringing innovative compliance solutions to our customers.”

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