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FREE WEBCAST: How to Use PHMSA Incident Data for Building Predictive Models

Don’t get left behind and open yourself up to unnecessary risk by neglecting predictive modeling in your corrosion management programs. Join American Innovations' own Andrew Holle and Becky Gibbs Murray and for a FREE webcast on how to be better prepared: find out how to evaluate machine learning and implement predictive modeling using PHMSA public incidents and annual reports. Predict the variables that affect the outcomes you should care about, know the chances of your assets having an incident, the likely costs, and the most likely causes. In this webcast, you will learn:

  • How commercial off-the-shelf machine learning technology can identify trends in PHMSA’s public incident and annual report data.
  • To identify strategies pipeline operators can use to reduce incidents and predict failures more effectively.
  • What machine learning and predictive analytics technologies are available.
  • How to assess which technologies are right for your programs.
  • To identify the untapped value in our industry’s readily available incident data.


AMPP – Association for Materials Protection and Performance
  • 800-797-6223
  • https://www.ampp.org/

Mar 28 13:00 PM -
Mar 28 14:00 PM


Digital Webinar