Simplify Your Pipeline Monitoring with the Most Rugged RMUs in the Industry

Reduce costs, improve safety, and increase efficiency with the toughest cathodic protection remote monitoring units in the industry.

Find the Right Bullhorn RM5 For Your Needs

Rectifier Remote Monitor

The Bullhorn RM510 is our most rugged Bullhorn rectifier remote monitor ever.  Featuring the best surge resistance in the industry, modular components, and a full 3-year warranty, it has been engineered from the ground up for better reliability.

Test Point Remote Monitor

The RM540 Test Point Remote Monitor is a cost-effective test point remote monitoring unit specifically designed for the cathodic protection of pipelines. Boasting a quick and easy setup, a remarkable 10-year battery life, and flexible communication options, it will revolutionize your pipeline monitoring.

Interruptible Bond Remote Monitor

The RM520 Interruptible Bond Monitor was designed specifically for the interruption of single-bond sites. Featuring AC and DC pipe-to-soil measurements, GPS-synced interruption, and the REL2502 solid-state relay with an integrated shunt.

See How Our Previous RMUs Compare to the New Bullhorn RM5 Remote Monitors

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Remote Monitors for Rectifiers

Bullhorn RMU Comparison Chart

Remote Monitors for Test Stations

Bullhorn Test Point Comparison Chart