American Innovations Announces Release Release of Allegro™ Field Data PC 7.1.1 Update and New Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Reader for Location Verification

AUSTIN, TX— American Innovations (AI) continuously improves on its Allegro software for better usability and general performance. The Allegro is a critical tool for surveyors that provides everything they need to collect and assess data for facilities, leaks, atmospheric corrosion and valves. Allegro version 7.1.1 is now available for both MX and QX users and offers exciting new features and user enhancements.

To improve the traceability and the availability of survey data information, the DVM serial number and calibration date are included in survey files and shown in the Allegro Information screen.

The maximum capture duration of the DVM App has increased from one minute to five minutes, allowing for much longer waveform surveys. This improvement will be especially helpful for customers conducting interference and influence studies.

The minimum range for upper/lower limits on the DVM waveform graph has been reduced to .001V. By allowing this level of precision, the user can now view the waveform in much greater detail by ‘zooming’ in on the waveform in the application. The new version also offers improved validation of input fields and enhanced resolution for more accurate measurements at low voltages (below + - 4.5V). 

Another highly anticipated change is that with version 7.1.1, Allegro field data computers now integrate with the new Microsensys RFID reader, which provides better performance due to better design and easier tag reading. With approximately 200,000 RFID tags in facilities and in the field around the world, surveyors, technicians and operators with RFID readers are prepared when it comes to easily identifying the assets in their inspection program.

Once Allegro 7.1.1 is downloaded, the new RFID reader can be paired for instant tag reading. The reader can be connected via its integrated Bluetooth™ interface. The touch tip is part of its improved design since it is where a user would expect to make point of contact with a tag. It has a Micro-USB connector and cable to recharge its internal battery, on/off button and green/red operation state LED and a scan button. 

For more information, read the full release notes.

To purchase an Allegro or to request an update of your current Allegro software, please take a moment to give us some information and we'll contact you as soon as we can. 

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