Triton Triple-Coupon Test Station


Triton Triple-Coupon Test Station

It's never been easier to install the right coupon in the right location

The Triton includes three different coupons and a reference electrode so you can take all of your cathodic protection and AC interference measurements using a single, integrated package. Every feature, from the size of the AC coupon to the heavy-duty test switch, is designed to make the Triton:

  • Highly accurate
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use

Why Choose the Triton?

  • Take your measurements all at once – The Triton comes with a 100 cm2 test coupon to measure on and instant off potentials, a 100 cm2 native coupon to measure true native potentials, a 1 cm2 AC coupon for measuring AC current density, and a stationary reference electrode to measure IR-free coupon potential. 
  • Improve accuracy – The AC coupon in the Triton is specifically designed to represent a relatively small coating holiday, making current density calculations more accurate. The Triton will also yield highly accurate native potential measurements since the native coupon is never polarized.
  • Install your coupons faster – Save time with the Triton. It includes the three coupons and one reference electrode all in a single package, so you can install three coupons in the time it normally takes for one. Plus, the primary and secondary pipeline connectors come ready to install, making it easy to stock in inventory, transport, and set up.
  • Access your readings anywhere – When you bundle the Triton with our Bullhorn RM4210 remote monitor for coupon test stations, you'll always have access to your readings.

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