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MicroMax current interrupters, SRM100 soil resistivity meters, and Triton Coupons are durable, accurate and easy to install. 


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MicroMax's patented Interference and Influence technology uses synchronized waveform capture to interrupt hundreds of rectifiers at once sequentially to isolate sources, providing critical data to ensure equipment health.

 – Features built-in keypad and LCD display & designed to fit inside most rectifier cabinets.  

GPS350 – Delivers all the features of the GPS300 plus an integrated solid-state relay.

GPS360 – Delivers all the features of the GPS350, plus a built-in, rechargeable battery that provides 60 hours of continuous interruption.

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MicroMax GPS360 Current Interrupter

MicroMax GPS360 Current Interrupter

Weighing in just over three pounds, the GPS360 fits inside most rectifier cabinets, and can interrupt up to 100 amps for 60+ hours without a power source:

  • Work faster
  • Enhance performance
  • Improve accuracy
  • Ensure long term equipment health

Features include a built-in normally closed solid-state relay, flexible interruption schedule and ruggedized construction that stands up to tough conditions. With an integrated keypad and LCD screen, it's easy to use too.

Just program it directly or choose from one of the nine interruption programs you can build into the unit.

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Soil Resistivity and pH Meter

SRM100 – Simultaneously measure soil resistivity and pH in less than two minutes.

Coupon Test Station

Triton® Triple-Coupon Test Station – AC and DC coupons plus a stationary reference electrode all in an integrated package that's easy to install in any location.


MicroMax accessories include a range of antennas and cables.