Bullhorn Web


Bullhorn Web

Manage your remote monitors from anywhere

Included with every Bullhorn remote monitor purchase, you have the ability to easily analyze your remote measurements, no matter where you are or what time it is, with Bullhorn Web

Bullhorn Web integrates with PCS and is cloud-based, so you don't have to install anything and it's updated regularly. Bullhorn Web customers have the ability to export extracts as CSV files to quickly and easily validate data in the bridge preview before committing to PCS. Use your existing unit groups and schedules, just choose CSV in the dropdown. Easy.

  • Configure and monitor your Bullhorns from any mobile or desktop device.
  • Utilize powerful alerting and reporting capabilities to create custom alerts, generate personalized reports, and send data to PCS Compliance Software.
  • If there’s an issue with a monitored asset, Bullhorn Web can notify you via text, web alert, or email.
  • Manage your Bullhorn units from any device
Touch-friendly menus make it easy to use Bullhorn Web from any mobile device.
  • Start your day with a system health check
Quickly view the Bullhorn units or rectifiers that developed issues since your last login.
  • Troubleshoot issues remotely
Use Bullhorn Web to research the potential cause of any issue before you're onsite.
  • Adjust interruption schedules in a matter of minutes
If you need to adjust interruption schedules on the fly, you can easily make changes using Bullhorn Web paired with any interruption-enabled Bullhorn unit.
  • Configure automatic text or email alerts about any critical issues
Rest easy knowing that Bullhorn Web will send an alert or alarm to notify you of any issues.
  • Sync data while you sleep
Bullhorn Web integrates with the Cathodic Protection Data module of PCS, allowing you to automatically sync the data you choose.

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