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Written Feedback

"It's great to work with the people at AI. When I call in with a problem, it's always handled very professionally and quickly."

– Steven, Corrosion Technician, Occidental Petroleum

"We use AI remote monitors because they work! The systems we use are quality products that do the job they are supposed to. Also, the web interface has been developed into a quality source of information when working with the equipment."

– Jonathan, Bratco Operating Co.

"AI gives us the service and tools we need to present a professional report."

– David, Logistics/Procurement Manager, CEC Corrosion Services

"I have used several other alarm types and they all had a lot of flaws, with erroneous call out alarms, reliability issues and poor service. Since I tried the first Bullhorn remote monitor, I have not had a single false alarm and the service and support is outstanding. It's the very best alarm system I have ever purchased."

– Bullhorn customer

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