What Does Trust Mean?

We trust employees to make meaningful decisions & employees want the responsibility & freedom that comes with trust & accountability.

We believe people are inherently good – our people are skilled adults who want to do their best to deliver quality results. Before coming to AI, our CEO worked for big companies. He vowed that if he got the chance, he’d trust the people he worked with. He sought out those who wanted to make meaningful decisions and the responsibility and the freedom that goes with it.

We trust each other. AI trusts you to make meaningful decisions and affect real change. That creates magic for the right people – a sense of accomplishment and purpose. It’s equally important that we trust each other. Think the best of your co-workers – if you aren’t satisfied with someone’s performance, tell them, honestly and nicely, with respect. Trust that they will accept the feedback with grace, and return that trust when you give feedback. Don’t ever “throw someone under the bus” and never ever complain about a co-worker to a customer. Have the courage to tell them. And while you’re at it, trust your leaders. We know our leaders will do their best to earn your trust.

We trust you with information. We’ll tell you anything you want to know about the business that’s not confidential. If we want mature adults who are comfortable making decisions and acting like owners, we need to provide you with information. We want you to understand our plan for the future, our goals, and our financial situation. We trust you will be able to handle an honest picture of our issues and our plans to address them.

We're accountable and believe in earning trust. Use the information wisely. Make decisions like an owner and we all benefit by having more opportunity, freedom, and control. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t be a victim – you have the power to improve any situation you don’t like.

Truth and trust are the core – without them, nothing else matters. The power of ownership is putting every person in a position of leadership, giving each the opportunity to affect change through individual decision making, to trust that they will choose the right path for us.