What Does Relentless Mean?

We are continuously striving to get better. We will not fail each other or the customer. We pursue our goals relentlessly.

We continuously strive to get better. Hopefully by now you are seeing a pattern emerge in how our values are interconnected. Continuous improvement requires humility; it requires a certain dissatisfaction with the current status quo. It requires an ability to accept the truth about our own shortcomings and faith that we can improve over time. Our people want to keep learning, to try new things, to get a little better every day. Process is important, but it has its place, and requires a constant search for improvements.

We will not fail each other or the customer. We go the extra mile to serve our customers, co-workers, suppliers, company and community. Here again is Service in all its glory. We pursue our goals relentlessly. We don’t quit. We keep pushing. As our Bass Engineering team is fond of saying: “Failure is not an option.” Again, our customers have an important mission, and we have a responsibility to help ensure their success.

We are resilient. Everyone gets knocked down from time to time. But we have grit. We get up, dust ourselves off and get back in the game. Our company is on its fourth life – and we keep fighting to build the business we want and we remain committed to its success. Our shareholders have demonstrated heart and modeled relentless in their support of our efforts.

Every problem is an opportunity. Being relentless means looking for the opportunity behind every insoluble challenge. When we approach our challenges positively, it’s a lot easier to get to achieve our goals and it makes work a nicer place to be. A relentless and positive nature is important to standing up to our “opportunities”.