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Flowline Compliance Services

Are you ready for the new Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) flowline compliance regulations? The COGCC has recently enacted stricter rules
addressing flowline safety for upstream production companies. COGCC's new 1100-series rule will require you to:

  • Register flowlines built prior to May 1, 2018 by October 31, 2019
  • Register flowlines built after May 1, 2018 within 30-days of being placed in service
  • Submit a geodatabase with route, design and product information
  • Cathodically protect all metallic flowlines to mitigate external corrosion
  • Meet cathodic protection (CP) criteria specified in NACE SP0169-2007
  • Assess flow lines every three years
  • Have readily available historical assessment records for auditors

This new state regulation will place a sudden burden on your compliance, operations and corrosion departments. American Innovations and Bass Engineering’s team of experienced pipeline engineers, corrosion specialists, compliance experts and GIS analysts offer integrated products and services to help you quickly and cost-effectively reach compliance and allow you to get back to your primary purpose – supplying energy to your customers.

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Why Choose AI and Bass?

  • Get two expert perspectives – We provide extensive experience from experts in cathodic protection and integrity management to provide services to help your company meet flowline regulations.
  • Jurisdictional Determination and Gap Study – We will review your flowline design and
    performance data in relation to the new rule, and let you know what you need to do next to be in compliance.
  • Form 44 Preparation – We have the tools and expertise to prepare the necessary registration form (called a Form 44) and required accompanying documentation. Let us prepare the geodatabase, collect the required information and fill out the forms for you. All you will need to do is send the files to the COGCC – and we’ll show you how to do that too.
  • Field Inventory – If you don’t have GPS coordinates for your flowlines and facilities, we can
    perform a high accuracy GPS field inventory mapping and inventorying the flowline centerline and above ground facilities locations. The resulting data will be delivered in industry standard GIS formats with options for online web maps, mobile maps, GeoPDF maps and hard copy maps. The GIS data will help ensure you know where the asset is, what condition it is in and help you make better decisions about managing the maintenance and risk of the asset.
  • CP Assessment and Design – The new rule requires all metallic piping be cathodically
    protected. Designing a cost-effective CP solution in a gathering field is a complex effort that
    requires qualified and experienced corrosion engineers. We have deep expertise in this area
    and will offer a review of your flowline design and make recommendations for an appropriate
    CP system.
  • CP Installation – In addition to designing the CP system, we will install a complete CP system with the latest in collection, monitoring and analysis tools for asset protection and better decision making.
  • Records Management and Assessment Scheduling – The new rule will also require an
    assessment of your flow lines every three years. Our software tools support the various
    assessment methods to help you manage your assessments over time and provide the
    requisite documentation that auditors will expect you to have readily available for inspection.

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