Solutions for AC Measurement and Analysis

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Find Trends Now, Save Later

AI solutions help you identify alternating current fluctuation trends and other AC corrosion risk factors so you can be confident that you’re investing in an AC mitigation system that’s based on complete information.

Get the Right Data for Every Stage of Your AC Mitigation Project


Our team offers a range of services to support you in designing, installing and maintaining effective AC mitigation systems.

Our driving philosophy is that sophisticated AC research and computer models are only valuable if they produce solutions that can realistically shield your teams, pipelines, and facilities from the effects of AC interference and lightning events. Read about our mitigation services or contact us to learn more.


Whether you’re focused on AC mitigation system design, installation or maintenance, gather the information you need with our AC measurement and analysis solutions: the Triton triple-coupon test station, Bullhorn RM4210 remote monitor, Bullhorn Web, and PCS compliance management software. Read more about these products below.

Designing and Installing Your AC Mitigation System
Triton Triple-Coupon Test Station

Get solid inputs for the design of your AC mitigation system by installing the Triton triple-coupon test station in areas where your asset is at risk for AC corrosion. With a 1 cm2 coupon that's designed to approximate likely holiday size, the Triton makes it possible for you to collect highly accurate AC current density measurements – the most reliable indicator of AC corrosion risk. It also lets you collect up to six other measurements, like DC current density and instant-off.

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Bullhorn RM4210 Remote Monitor

Once you've installed the Triton, take your readings automatically with our Bullhorn RM4210 remote monitor, which lets you capture and log a number of measurements, including AC current density, so that you can determine peak AC current density over time.

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Maintaining Your AC Mitigation System
Bullhorn Web

Readings taken by the RM4210 are wirelessly transmitted to Bullhorn Web, an online portal with reporting tools that you can use to generate AC current drain and density reports that help with AC mitigation system maintenance.

With Bullhorn remote monitors and Bullhorn Web, you can easily visualize AC current density trends over time.

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PCS Compliance Management Software

For even more comprehensive data analysis, integrate Bullhorn Web data with our PCS compliance management software. This allows you to manage and report on a range of additional asset data like pipe-to-soil potentials, close interval survey results and more.

PCS reports let you compare AC current density readings to other data, like pipe-to-soil potentials.

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