Current Software Versions

PCS Axis

Current version: 1.13

Centered around image management, PCS Axis 1.13 allows you to take advantage of the camera functionality in the Allegro QX or your mobile device, along with other enhancements and improvements. Learn more.

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PCS v7

Current version: 7.7.2

The enhancements in this latest release of PCS v7 improve general performance and increase compatability with the Allegro field data PC. Learn more

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Current version: 7.8

With faster performance, more customization options and an improved user experience, RIPL 7.8 offers a number of features that will make you more productive. Learn more

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Bullhorn Web

Last updated: June 2017

Bullhorn Web now includes the ability to apply a pre-configured template to multiple RMUs simultaneously. The template contains settings for alerts, data points, reporting and more. We've also updated Bullhorn Web to support two measurement schedules for the RM4210 and to automatically sync RM4210 changes between Bullhorn Tools and Bullhorn Web. Learn more.

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Allegro QX

Current version: 7.0

This latest software version allows Allegro QX users to use the built-in camera functionality to add photos directly to PCS 1.13. Learn more.

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Allegro MX

Current version: 7.0

MX users running Allegro software version 7.0 can take advantage of file management enhancements, GPS improvements and a better user interface. Learn more.

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