Current Software Versions

PCS Axis

Current version: 1.12.1

PCS Axis 1.12.1 is an enhancement to version 1.12, which features new functionality that makes it easier to manage and deliver email reports. It also includes several updates that improve performance and reliability. Learn more.

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PCS v7

Current version: 7.7.1

The enhancements and improvements in this latest release of PCS v7 will help your team work more efficiently in the field and the office. They let you improve your Allegro survey files and synchronize hierarchy changes with confidence. Learn more

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Current version: 7.8

With faster performance, more customization options and an improved user experience, RIPL 7.8 offers a number of features that will make you more productive. Learn more

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Bullhorn Web

Last updated: January 2017

Our latest enhancements to Bullhorn Web include the ability to keep data associated with a facility even if you switch to a new RMU, an alert query report that will help make sure you never miss a notification, and an easier-to-use SIM swap tool. Learn more.

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Allegro QX

Current version: 6.1

Indispensable to Allegro QX users who work with large survey or route files, this latest software version provides technicians with easy access to the files they use and the records within them. Learn more.

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Allegro MX

Current version: 5.3

The latest version of AI software for the Allegro MX includes a number of new features to aid in navigating between files during periodic surveys. Learn more.

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