If your job involves protecting pipeline infrastructure, we have a solution for you.

Our products and services make it easier for our customers to keep pipeline infrastructure safe and in compliance with relevant regulations. They specifically help with five practice areas that are vital to pipeline safety and efficiency:

  • Monitoring
  • Field data collection
  • Compliance survey management
  • Integrity management
  • Mitigation

To learn more, read about our solutions below and learn what our customers have to say.

Our solutions and how they help


Bullhorn remote monitors send facility data up to our cloud portal, Bullhorn Web, so you can keep tabs on them from anywhere in the world, even if you can't make it out to the field to take measurements.

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Field Data Collection

Allegro Field Data PCs help you gather facility data quickly and accurately when you do make a site visit.

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Additionally, our family of small, lightweight and easy-to-use MicroMax current interrupters and accessories help with field activities related to cathodic protection and pipeline facility maintenance. 

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Compliance Survey Management

PCS compliance software captures and analyzes corrosion data, and generates reports that help with regulatory compliance, planning for surveys or maintenance, and operational troubleshooting. It can be used independently or, for greater efficiency, with our Allegro and Bullhorn products.

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Compliance Survey Management (continued)

Data Services

In addition to PCS software, we also offer consulting services that help our customers efficiently organize and process their compliance survey data.

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Integrity Management

Our Risk Intelligence Platform (RIPLTM) software supports typical integrity management activities -- like risk assessment and in-line inspection management -- and can be integrated with our other products for ease of use.

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Integrity Management Services

In addition to RIPL, we offer an array of integrity management services including HCA analysis, risk assessment, valve placement analysis, and DOT pipeline compliance services.

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Gain Insights, Not Just Raw Data

We design our services and our Bullhorn Web, PCS and RIPL software to do more than just provide data readouts. Instead, we give you the reporting and analysis functions you need to gain useful insights that will help you mitigate the risk of pipeline failure.

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