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Survey Manager

See your survey data on a map and reduce field data verification time with our powerful, web-based software tool. Survey Manager lets you: 

We continually enhance Survey Manager to expand its capabilities and incorporate user suggestions. Read about our newest features or suggest your own using the Idea Portal.

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Monitor Decouplers
with Bullhorn

Monitor decouplers 24/7 and get critical notifications if there’s a problem.

The RM4211’s three high-voltage analog measurement channels are ideal for decoupler monitoring. A long-lasting battery and satellite communication ensure it works in remote locations without a power source or cell signal.

  • Battery life that extends up to 5 years
  • Get alarm notifications for decoupler issues
  • Monitor additional assets such as coupons, reference cells and current transducers at the same time 

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Read our article Pipelines VS. Powerlines, published in the May issue of World Pipelines, to learn about how operators are using technology to measure and monitor the effects of AC current on pipelines.

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