Why Join American Innovations?

We help protect people & the environment by helping oil and gas pipelines run safely & efficiently. We serve customers & each other. We never quit. Our values are really important to us – more important than anything that you will read in our Employee Handbook. Our values: Truth, Trust, Heart, Service and Relentless – to us, these five words mean what they say on the surface, and a whole lot more. They set the stage for a great opportunity – the chance to build something really wonderful. Interested in reading more about our values, click here. Imagine a workplace where:

• You are treated as a trusted team member capable of making decisions that make a difference;

• Everyone in the company acts like they own it – each person takes responsibility, is dedicated to the success of our business, and enjoys the freedom of self-management;

• People care more about others than themselves - your team members at every level drop everything to help you before looking to their own needs, and vice-versa;

• We are free to disagree with anyone, about anything – respectfully - and we are free to make mistakes, as long as we learn from them;

• We relentlessly improve, constantly looking to learn and improve the business & ourselves;

• Everyone finds great satisfaction in their work, understands and develops their strengths, feels appreciated and takes great pride in what they do;

• We create a ‘triple bottom line’ business (people, planet & profit) that is about more than money and we make everything around us better.

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