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MicroMax: What is the input power voltage specification for Micromax GPS80 interrupters?

MicroMax: Can I save program settings on my MicroMax GPS300?

Yes. The GPS300 can store up to 9 interruption programs, making it easy to adjust between different survey needs/applications on the fly.

MicroMax: Do I need to power my MicroMax GPS300 from a rectifier in order to access/program it with the BATtools software?

No. The GPS300 will power on when connected to a PC via the mini-USB port. While it will not allow for interruption, a USB connection provides enough power to access settings and program the unit.

MicroMax: What happens if my MicroMax GPS300 loses power while interrupting?

The GPS300 features auto-resume after power loss. Interruption automatically continues with the same program once power is restored.

MicroMax: What is the input voltage range required to operate my MicroMax GPS300?

GPS300 requires 10-60V DC or 8–42V AC to operate. AI recommends that input power be drawn from the rectifier’s taps when available. Due to inductive transients during interruption, AI does not recommend using rectifier DC output to power the GPS300.

MicroMax: Will my MicroMax GPS300 synchronize with other GPS enabled interrupters?

The GPS300 is fully compatible with Bullhorn wireless remote monitors with interruption. It also compliments the Allegro Field Data Computer to collect, verify, and organize interruption information.