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Allegro: How Accurate is the GPS on the Allegro?

Allegro: How do I change the touchscreen brightness and contrast on the Allegro?

To change the backlight brightness Tap Settings > System tab > Backlight tab > Brightness tab Press the Orange key and the F5 key simultaneously to decrease the contrast and brightness. Press the Orange key and the F4 key simultaneously to increase the contrast and brightness.

Allegro: How do I determine which version of software is installed on the Allegro?

The software version is listed in the "About" window of each AI software.

Allegro: How do I enlarge the font size on the Allegro?

To increase or decrease the font size: Tap Settings > System tab > Screen > Text Size tab. Move the slider to increase or decrease text size. To change text size and font in a PS survey file, tap View > Fonts.

Allegro: How do I get the latest version of software available for the Allegro?

Contact Allegro Technical Services at for a User Name and Password to access files for download.

Allegro: How much storage space is on the Allegro?

The Allegro MX comes with an internal micro-SD memory card that is 4GB in size. The Allegro MX also supports a USB flash drive. Plug the USB flash drive in the USB port if you want to transfer files to and from the Allegro. The USB flash drive will be displayed as Hard Disk in the file explorer.

Allegro: How to use the photos taken with the Allegro QX in PCS

Photos taken with the Allegro QX can be associated with records in PCS. This article will describe the steps for you to associate the photos with PCS records.

Allegro: Is the Allegro rated

intrinsically safe

Allegro: What can I do if the Allegro battery drains completely?

You will need to reset the Allegro. To reset the Allegro, press the power button for 8 seconds to display the Power window and select Reset. This applies default settings to the Allegro, including GPS Pod Setup. Run GPS Pod Setup to re-configure GPS communication settings. Resetting the Allegro can also clear any other problems, such as unresponsive software

Allegro: What can I do if the Allegro will not power up?

If the Allegro will not power up, try the following solutions: Check the battery and charger.

Allegro: What is the best power-saving method for the Allegro?

The following power options are available with the Allegro: