RM4210 AC Coupon Test Station Monitor (SAT)


Bullhorn RM4210 Remote Monitor for Coupon Test Stations

Get instant notifications when AC load changes

We designed the RM4210 to help you diagnose AC current issues, monitor them over time, and optimize your AC corrosion mitigation systems. It offers:

  • Fully-internal components
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Highly accurate readings

Plus, with Bullhorn Web, you can generate easy-to-read reports and graphs that will help you monitor important risk factors like AC current density over time.


Why Choose the RM4210?

  • Form factor – The RM4210 is a fully integrated unit that can be mounted on any AC/DC coupon test station. All components are internal, including the antenna, so it's easier to transport and install. It's also less likely to incur damage that will require a future repair visit.
  • Ease of installation and setup – Installing the RM4210 normally takes just a few minutes. Simply connect the pigtail to the test points, affix it to the top of the test station, and establish communications via Bluetooth using Bullhorn Tools Mobile. You can then use the Bullhorn Web asset manager to apply detailed configurations from the comfort of your office.
  • Accuracy – Be confident in the accuracy of your readings. With auto-calibration and auto-zero for every measurement, the RM4210 delivers readings with one percent of accuracy all the way through the range. For example, a 1 mV measurement will be accurate within ±10 microvolts. 
  • Reporting – Quickly identify problem areas and ensure mitigation effectiveness using flexible reports and graphs.
  • Value – We can bundle the RM4210 with the award-winning Triton triple-coupon test station, so you order your AC monitoring equipment all at once.

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